Friday, February 5, 2010

Praising HIM!!

This is McKenna, Liz's sister-in-law. Liz is in the hospital starting her final chemo round before surgery and the hospital doesn't let her into blogger to post blog posts for some reason. I think it has to do with "proxys?"

Anyway, there is wonderful news that just can't be wait to be shared! Liz met with the surgeon this morning and he has decided that she can have the limb salvage surgery and avoid amputation!! We are all so excited and thankful right now. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for Liz as she finishes this last round of chemo before surgery. She will resume chemo a couple weeks after her sugery. The surgery is scheduled for February 18th. Praising Him!!! ~McKenna


  1. ohmygosh! thats so great! I'm so happy for you Liz [and family]! (: So glad God has blessed you and that you have kept enough faith to get thru this! love ya.

    -hannah spears