Saturday, December 12, 2009

E.R. !!

I woke up Friday morning and i had a sore throat. Before all this cancer came up i would wake up with a sore throat  like everyday so i thought nothing of it! I went to my school to hangout and take Cassy food and i felt totally fine all day! Then i went out to eat with my mommy and i started getting the chills. I also noticed that my teeth ached along with my head. Im dumb and think whatever i can handle it so i went to to my schools play " Little Shops of Horror." The whole time i had the chills and i was achy.  So i left after the first half of the play and went straight home! I took my tempature and it said 99.5. My nurse told me i must come in if my temp. was 100.5 or higher. So my mom then told me that the thermometers that are under your arm you have to add a 1.0 to whatever it says.. so i said well let me take it again. So i did and it was 100.3. My mom called one of my doctors and said go ahead and come in. So we did and when we got there my temp. was 101.8. So they they took some blood then put medicine in me and made me wait about an hour to make sure i didnt have a bad reaction. I didnt so they let me go home. They said if i hadn't gone to the clinic Thurday, and my counts wern't so high they probably wouldn't let me go home. But they did :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Healthy Me!

So I went to my Monday checkup and my counts were back up! Then i went to see my surgeon <-- (spellcheck) and i got my big black cast thingy off! He said i can  actually walk on it a little if i want. But just like a couple steps.... like to the potty :) He also said he perfers crutches over a wheelchair. On Wednesday i went to youth with a couple of my bestfriends and also saw a couple close friends there. It was really great to get out of the house since I've been cooped up forever. I also went wig shopping with my Grandma and sister-in-law Mckenna! Today I went to my Thursday checkup and body checkout from my doc and found out some pretty good  news. Since my counts are back to normal so fast i dont have to go in for my checkup till next Thursaday when i start chemo again! Yeah i have bad news kinda sorta.. my hair started falling out Tuesday! Blahh im shedding like a dog :)
So right now im hanging out with one of my bestfriends Cassy and we are watching Up! I dont see how so many people think its sad?? Tommorrow Im going to take Cassy lunch and just hangout at my school for a couple of hours. Saturday im going Christmas shopping then to the movies with some of my bestfriends. Keep my grandpa and uncle in your prayers and add my moms close friends baby who was born this Friday with a hole in her diaphram. :) Love ya!