Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Update on Liz

It looks like Kathy and Liz caught the infection just in time...her doctors believe it was going to turn into cellulitis (which was what she had the last time her leg was infected). She was treated in the hospital over the weekend and discharged, but is now back in the hospital to resume chemotherapy. Please pray for both of them as they stay in the hospital until Friday with this round of chemo. I can only imagine how sick they must be of being in the hospital! There will only be four more chemotherapy treatments after this round!!! Praise God!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pray for Liz

McKenna here....updating Liz's blog. She is being admitted to the hospital right now because her wound from her surgery is infected again. Please pray with us that the infection goes away quickly. I'll keep you posted (unless Liz can find someone to hack her through the hospital's proxy system which keeps her from her blog's website for some weird reason).

She is down to the final FIVE chemo treatments and then she will be done with chemotherapy! She is working very hard in physical therapy and is able to bear weight on her leg, which is really exciting!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

jordyn lizards favorite cuzin

Hey everybody!!! Its Jordyn, lizards favorite cuzin. As what i know she is doing perfectly fine... im glad!!! i am with her right now at her house visiting her with my very helpful grandma that takes care of liz mostly everyday. Liz has had 13 chemos and has 7 more to go. She should be done towards the end of July. She plans on starting school the same time as everyone else and she seems really excited about it! All she can talk about is going on her make a wish cruise. Im jealous i wanna go. (: Well liz is gonna curl my hair now so see ya later!