Thursday, February 4, 2010


I went in for chemo Friday after my AMAZING 3 week break. I was having a great time in my friends hospital room with my new cancer buddies Paige, Darling and Jonathan, when they came to get me for my dumb old scans. Me and my mom were worried because they were supposed to do them after my chemo. She talked to my nurse practitioner and she said that it will not make a difference. All of that went well as far as i know. So i got my chemo and was out Monday night. Tuesday i just sat at home pretty nauseated. Yesterday i got my last scan and ended up feeling good enough for church. Today im planning on going to my schools bball game and im so happy to finally see then play again (:
Everyday i miss my school more and more. If i felt good enough, i would be there all day EVERY day. The decision will be made next week about my surgery. Im very nervous...
Please pray that i will be able to control how nervous i am and keep trying to take this one day at a time.


  1. It's been a big week! Liz, I'm praying for peace and comfort right now for you! I know you're so strong and I am praying that God would continue to give you strength that only He can give! I love you so much!!

  2. still here praying for you, I hope your visit to the ball game went well. I will pray that you cope with your feelings of nervousness, don’t be hard on yourself it's ok to feel nervous. you are incredibly strong and wise and I’ve gained strength from your faith, you really are amazing and I think of you and what you have written often. Hugs and it might sound strang but thanks for sharing yoru story.