Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bad Chemo

So last thursday i went in to get cisplaten and doxo and I'm not going to lie that was pretty horrible!! 
I was nauseous the whole time and I couldn't sleep because..well you know hospitals.. :)
I came home from the hospital Sunday night and I still haven't fully recovered from that chemo I've been very tired and nauseous for the last couple days. Tommorrow I go in for my weekly checkup and im hoping everything goes good so I can come home and sleep after!!! :)
I'm going back in in 2 weeks for the other drug that I don't get so sick on :) There is a week in between before I get the same drug again. In the week in between I am getting scans done like I did in the beginning to find out my response to the chemo! sooooooo... in about a month I will find out what kind of surgery I will get, then there thinking towards the end of February I will have my surgery. 
Right now I'm about to watch SUPERSTAR with one of my bestfriends Cassy because I've never seen that movie!
This weekend is going to be pretty boring because I'm going to be neutrapedic, but next week I should be feeling pretty normal I know im taking a couple of my best guy friends to church with me for the first time so that will be interesting!! :) :)
Keep praying!! I'm glad I have so many supportive friends and family :)

Today my grandma told me something that i really thought was interesting she said that childrens prayers are the most important. Keep that in mind :)


  1. Hey honey! I know this round is the hardest for you and I wish I could be nauseous and tired for you!! I'm so glad the other chemo drugs don't give you the same reaction that this round does. I pray for you all day long, Liz!! I love you and am here for you always!!

  2. Hey im makensie im 15.mackenna and jennifer told me about you. i was diagnosed with ewings sarcoma in my tibia in um.. may lol it seems so far back now ive done 10 chemos and ive had my surgey already its a crazy journey but im almost done i have 4 more and pretty soon you will be done too. I can tell your very strong! God has been my strength through this whole thing and hes my light, love and my life. I hope we can connect since we both understand things no one else will ever understand good and bad. hope your feeling better doxo sucks! but the good news is they can only give you soo much. l0l. feel free to contact me anytime i would love to talk to you (719) 244-2193